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Overcoming Nasty Callers: 7 Tips from Call Center Experts

  • byNick DAlleva
  • onJune 11, 2019
  • inTips

The toughest aspect of any customer service position is dealing with nasty callers. Whether you’re a receptionist working the front desk for a small business, or a customer service representative handling product questions for an e-commerce giant, customers can sometimes be hard to handle. Your

Call Center Secrets to Outsourcing Success eBook

  • byNick DAlleva
  • onJune 6, 2019
  • inTips

Yes, live customer support is still a thing. According to Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service report, 98% of consumers report that customer service is important in keeping them loyal to a brand. Numbers like that tell us that customer service doesn’t just matter,

8 Stats About Live Customer Service in 2019

  • byNick DAlleva
  • onJune 4, 2019
  • inTips

Whoa! 2019 is already just about half-way done, which brings with it the end of the second decade in the 2000’s. In the call center industry, the latter part of the 2010’s decade will remembered for live customer service disruption with the introduction of

New E-Book: 25 Killer Tips for Getting The Most Out Of Your Call Center

  • byNick DAlleva
  • onMay 29, 2019
  • inTips

At SAS, we understand the call center industry. We live it every day. We know how rewarding it is to have a call center working for you seamlessly in the background, and how frustrating it can be when things aren’t going 100% as planned.

Working From Home vs. Working in a Call Center Service Infographic

Are you a customer service representative working in a large call center? Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if you could work from home? Maybe you’re an at home customer service agent wondering what it would be like in the call center.

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