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Bilingual Call Center Services

There are over 30 million Spanish speakers in the United States. For a perfect customer service score, you need to offer support in both English and Spanish. Let our bilingual call center agents represent your business and show your Spanish speaking customers that you care.

Let SAS speak your language

Catering to English speaking customers only is a sure-fire way to miss out on a lot of opportunities. Customers who speak Spanish as their first language represent a tremendous marketing opportunity for a business. We’re talking millions of dollars worth of potential revenue, and that number is steadily growing. By opening up your customer communication channels to both an English and Spanish client base, you become more accessible and your growth goals become more attainable. You’ll be able to assist a larger group of clients, and target a market that your competitors aren’t.

  • How does it work?

    If you need both English and Spanish speaking call center agents, we’ll make a copy of your English script and place a front end IVR on your line to direct traffic to either an English or Spanish call center agent. The Spanish representative will be working through the same call script and protocols as the English rep, the only difference is their script will be translated into Spanish. The Spanish representative will handle the call with a native-language level fluency.

  • Spanish speaking only also available.

    While we can set up front end automated call center services that will route calls, we can also create a dedicated Spanish only phone line that routes directly to the Spanish speaking operator queue. This allows Spanish speaking callers to communicate with representatives in their native tongue without needing to press 1 or 2 to direct the call. It’s a great inbound solution if you have your own IVR or you advertise a Spanish language support number.

  • Diversity is our middle name.

    For the best customer service experience, you need to speak your customers’ language. We understand diversity and we understand that speaking to customers in their native tongue makes for a more comfortable customer service experience. Our bilingual agents can help strengthen your brand and increase customer retention by just speaking your customers’ language. Simple solutions for complicated problems!

  • Inbound and outbound bilingual support.

    Our bilingual services can be customized and tailored to any inbound or outbound contact center service we deliver. Need us to answer calls and schedule appointments in Spanish? Check. Need us to call potential leads and win back old customers in Spanish? Double check. Whatever you need us to do, we’ve got you covered – in English as well as Spanish.

The essential features you need

Bilingual agents offer a better
customer service experience.

Customer service isn’t an English language monopoly. If you want to truly succeed, gain a foothold in your market, and equally serve every customer, you need to consider adding Spanish language support. Speaking to customers in their native Hispanic tongue can help ease tensions, close sales, and build relationships.

  • Live bilingual operators 24/7.

    Connect with your Hispanic customers no matter what time they call. If you’re using our Spanish speaking agents to field your calls, there’s always an agent ready to serve your customers.

  • Eliminate messy transfers.

    Don’t let live agents transfer calls when a language barrier doesn’t allow them to assess the caller’s needs. A front end IVR lets Spanish speaking callers choose to be routed right to a rep that speaks their language.

  • No extra fees.

    If you’re exclusively using our Spanish language speaking agents, there’s no extra cost involved. If you are looking to add Spanish support as a layer on top of your English campaign, you’ll simply be charged a second line fee (a sub account fee) and our normal per minute rate.

  • Reduce your cost.

    When there is a language barrier, calls can last 2 or 3 times longer than they need to, and transcribed messages may be unclear and take time to decipher. Longer calls means higher monthly billing, and more time wasted on your side means loss of productivity.

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With our bilingual call center services, you’ll benefit from increased customer satisfaction, a larger marketing reach, and no wasted calls due to language barriers.

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