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Automated Call Center Services

Automated call routing services combine the convenience of IVR with live agent assistance. Whether callers want to leave a message or speak with a customer care representative, your bases are covered. No matter how large or small your business is, outsourcing your voicemail service to our contact center gives you the comprehensive, efficient coverage you need. Professional. Affordable. Always.

It’s an automation nation!

The bigger your business, the more calls you receive. While some of those calls will require immediate attention, giving callers a choice for self-service is great customer service. Our automated call center services help streamline your telecommunication needs and lower your outsourcing costs. Callers who want to speak to an agent, can. Those who want to leave a message can too!

  • Cut the cost of live-agent service.

    Utilizing our IVR in conjunction with live-operator customer support outsourcing services can help reduce your outsourcing expenses. Live-operator time is billed at a premium. Voicemail time is much cheaper. If every caller leaves you a voice message, then you are only billed for voicemail minutes. No hidden fees. Just straightforward contact center outsourcing.

  • No new equipment is quite alright.

    Buying new equipment for your office is never fun. With Specialty’s IVR features, there’s nothing new to buy. Simply add our IVR as a front end option to the live operator answering we already provide.

  • How low can we go?

    Every business is in the market to tighten expenses wherever and whenever possible. Our IVR service provides the technology, the resources, and an unlimited number of voicemail boxes. With a low per-minute cost and a contact center recognized for its affordability, there will never be any surprises on your bill.

  • 1 for English. 2 for Spanish. 3 for amazing customer service.

    When combined with live operators, an IVR is an invaluable tool. It allows the caller to serve themselves by choosing the most appropriate option. If they need to find out your business hours or location, they can press their keypad to find out. If they need Spanish call center services, they can get that, too. IVR takes the headache out of having to be transferred to multiple different departments before finding the right person that can help.

  • Eliminate wrong transfers.

    With the customer in control of their own destiny, eliminate any operator error due to choosing the wrong path or selecting the wrong option. Let your customers choose if they need to speak to the returns department or the scheduling department (or any department in-between).

The essential features you need

Leave a message or speak to an agent.
It couldn’t be easier.

Specialty’s auto attendant is built to help customers route themselves to the right department. No one knows better why a customer is calling than the customer. Behind the scenes, you can have different call handling and scripts for different departments – like sales, service, or emergencies. Your customer selects the most appropriate option and when transferred, the operator gets right into the call instead of trying to discern why they’re calling.

  • Step 1: I'll just leave a message.

    Clients don’t always have time to speak directly to a call center agent. Sometimes a quick voice message will do the trick. That is why callers have the option for live communication or automated voicemail. 24-hour live coverage with a voicemail option spells success.

  • Step 1: Help! I need a real person.

    When voicemail isn’t going to work, give your customers the option to speak to a real human being. The caller will be presented with a list of options which are linked to various different call handling scripts. The caller selects the best choice and is instantly transferred to the right department.

  • Step 2: You have 1 new voicemail message.

    Within seconds after your caller’s voicemail is recorded and the line is closed, that message is converted to a file and emailed. Instantly accessible, each voice message is contained in a separate file. Technology and convenience at its best.

  • Step 2: You have 1 new call.

    After the caller is transferred to a live agent, the customer service representative goes to work navigating your script. Once the call is complete, you’ll be alerted that you have a new call in your portal where you can review the message, listen to the call, and more.

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Combining live people with automated technology is an excellent way to support customers.

With no software to install and cost effective pricing plans, Specialty’s automated call center options are great for customers who want to mix IVR and live operator support for a stellar customer service experience.

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