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Don’t Let Customer Service Emails Wait Until Tomorrow

24 Hour Email Response Services

If you receive emails that need attention after business hours, our call center agents can sift through your emails when you can’t. Don’t let urgent customer emails or service requests sit in your inbox until the next day. With our email monitoring and response service, our system will automatically check your email at pre-defined intervals and our live call center agents will act on your emails according to your rules. Improve after hours email response rates with SAS.

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When customers call your business, they expect someone to be there. Email is no different. If your customers are waiting until the next morning for an email response, your brand could be in danger.

How does email response work?

Outsourcing email response to our inbound call center couldn’t be easier, and freeing yourself of email’s grip will keep those grey hairs at bay just a little longer. SAS will provide you with an email address where you’ll forward your messages to. Within your own software, you can choose when to forward your messages to our address. As our system receives the emails, they are queued and presented to our agents just like a call would drop. Each time a message lands in your inbox, our agents will receive a pop-up, analyze your protocols, and how to respond. Agents can reply any way you wish, and efficient customer support will keep your customers pleased as punch.

Setting it up

  • Forward your email to a unique address we provide whenever you want us to read and respond to your messages
  • Our system checks the inbox at certain intervals and drops any emails received to agents just like a call
  • The email gets queued, then is routed to an agent who will respond according to your protocols


Using SAS to respond to your emails makes employees and customers happier. Your employees are a valuable asset, and no one wants to be glued to their email after hours. We’ll filter through the junk and only reach out to your staff for urgent issues. For your customers, who isn’t going to go gaga over 24/7 email response? Nothing says we care more than being there when your customers need you.

How can you use SAS for email management?

After hours or business hours outsourced email management is entirely customizable. All you’ll need to do is provide us with a breakdown of the types of emails we’ll be receiving, and how you want us to respond to those emails. For example:

  • Sales Inquiries: For any emails sent to your sales@ address or any contact form submissions, we can call the prospects back, answer basic questions, and transfer those calls to your on-call sales staff.
  • Emergency Alerts: If you have automated systems that email your service@ address or alerts@ address in case of emergency, like if one of your customers loses power or their HVAC system fails, we can process those emails and connect with your on-call staff member.
  • Customer Service: For customers just using SAS for our after hours call center to respond to emails, simply provide us rules about which emails you’d like to be notified immediately of, and which ones can wait until the next day.
  • Poof. You're always available: Allow us to be at your customers’ service.

    Any number of customer service concerns may need to be addressed at any time. Your email response protocol is our road map to ensuring that each message receives the appropriate reply in keeping with your company’s rules. You talk. We listen. And we program your email response protocols to match. If you have different protocols for different customer service requests, we can program each into our system and our operators can respond accordingly.

  • 24/7 sales. Oh yeah: Sell out your email sales management to Specialty.

    Sales is a game of first response. 99% of the time, the first person to respond to the request lands the sale. If a customer is emailing multiple businesses after hours, imagine your close ratio if you’re able to reach out to them immediately upon receipt. No automated replies here. We’re talking about calling the prospect back, answering questions, and even transferring the call to you to close the deal.

  • Don't worry. We're connected: We're a friend to automated system alerts.

    Connected devices are equipped with the ability to send text alerts or email alerts in the event of failure, malfunction, or urgent notification. For example, a security camera may dispatch an email if motion is detected. A thermostat may dispatch an email if the room isn’t getting up to temperature as quick as it should. A data center may experience a power surge and dispatch an email to make sure someone tests the systems when they’re back online. Instead of having your staff checking emails after hours, our system can do that for you and reach out to you only when applicable.

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Think our email response services would be great to extend your email customer service to 24/7? Can’t wait to have someone else monitoring your inbox? If you have questions, we have answers. Contact us and we’ll reach back out to give you the lowdown on our inbound solutions and how we can help your brand.

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