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Live chat customer service is the fastest, easiest way to answer consumers’ questions and keep them surfing your site. If you can’t be in front of your chat software 24/7, we can. If you want to open up live chat as a customer service channel, we can help. Outsourcing your chat support to SAS reduces shopping cart abandonment, increases sales, and leads to higher customer satisfaction ratings. What’s not to love?

  • Add another customer service channel.

    While live phone support is the keystone component of any solid customer service strategy, live chat is crucial for a fully comprehensive sales and customer service plan. Live web chat gives your web visitors instant customer service while they’re on your website or using your web based software. Great customer service means making yourself available on the communication channels customers prefer, and that means offering web chat.

  • 24/7 chat outsourcing.

    Logging in to your live chat software and waiting for visitors to ping you is easy. Well, it’s easy when you’re at work during business hours. The challenge is finding an employee to handle those chats after hours, on weekends, when there is more than one chat at a time, or when you’re unavailable. With our managed live chat outsourcing, we’ll have agents available whenever you need them. Hiring our 24 hour call center means live chat operators are available 24/7 to engage your web visitors. When you’re asleep, we’re working on closing deals and helping customers. We rock!

  • Your software, or ours?

    Outsourcing your live chat support to SAS couldn’t be easier. Just provide one of our dedicated agents with a login to whatever live chat software you’re already using – like LivePerson, Olark, LiveAgent, Zendesk, and SnapEngage to name a few. We are happy to accommodate your software and train our agents on your specific protocols. And if you’re using an AI chat bot, at some point a live person will need to jump in. Using webhooks, we’ll work with you to program your chat bot to connect with an inbound call center agent when necessary.

  • Improve customer service and increase sales.

    Who likes waiting? Studies show that web customers would rather chat to get answers then make a phone call. That’s where our live chat operators come in.

    • Build better customer relationships
    • Give your customers an alternate support channel
    • Speed up customer service
    • Enhance your brand
  • Cut down on calls and ramp up your live chat.

    If your in house support staff is getting slammed with calls that are eating up resources, adding a live chat channel to your repertoire can be a huge asset. Not only will live chat help cut down on the inbound phone calls as your customers will have another support channel to utilize, but it also makes it easier for your customers to reach out for help since they’re already on your website. It’s a win-win!

SAS Call Center

Using our outsourced live chat operators is a great way to bridge the gap between those customers who would rather call for sales or customer service, and those who would rather email or fill out a support request. From better lead conversion to happier customers, there’s no reason why any company wouldn’t want 24/7/365 live chat coverage.

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24/7 Live Chat Outsourcing Grows Businesses


  • Around the clock multi-channel support
  • Recruitment and agent training based on your needs
  • Ability to integrate with various chat software
  • We can develop solutions for small, mid, and enterprise level clients
  • Increase your sales conversion rates
  • Dominate your industry with better customer retention
  • Live chat call center agents available 24/7/365
  • After hours chat support
  • Live chat outsourcing for sales and support

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