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High call volumes, not enough call center agents, and long hold-times are the norm in the telecom industry. Customer support services for the telecom industry are never easy to access. Whether consumers are contacting phone companies, cable companies, satellite television providers, or Internet service providers, hurry up and wait seems to be the norm. SAS can help change that.

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From managing calls, to responding to emails, to live chat assistance – our agents can do it all. We have the skills and experience to handle new account requests, billing inquiries, complaints, coverage questions, product information, technician dispatch, and more. If you want optimum care for your valued customers, you’ve found it.

  • Tier 1 Help Desk

    The #1 reason why customers call their cable company, phone provider, or internet provider is because they’re having technical issues. While handling the big things should be left up to your technicians, our tech support process outsourcing can ask simple scripted questions to handle basic troubleshooting. For example, “Have you already changed the batteries in the remote?” or “Let’s try resetting your router.”

  • Reduce Churn with 24/7 Support

    With Internet based entertainment, customers don’t need to look very hard for reasons to leave their cable provider. Telecommunication businesses need 24 hour support to reduce their customer churn and keep customers happy. Our operators are available around the clock to help with any issues, and there are no extra fees to handle your calls after hours, on the weekends, or during holidays! Let one of the top call centers save you money while keeping your customers happier.

  • Appointment Scheduling

    Whether new customers want to sign up for service, or existing customers need a technician to come out to them, our call center technology allows our agents to help schedule appointments for you. If you have a web based dispatch software we can access, we can help you schedule appointments as well as let customers know when their technician will arrive – a much better answer than anywhere from 9am to 5pm.

  • Sales Support

    New customers are out there, and SAS can help you find them. Our operators can do inbound and outbound lead calling services on your behalf. Through our dedicated agent program, we can even perfect cross-sells and up-sells for new customers signing up for service – like adding bundle packages or adding more services to their base package.

  • Billing Support

    How many times have you called your cable provider because your bill didn’t look right? Our agents are able to answer basic billing questions, fill out support ticket requests and transfer urgent calls to the appropriate department. For new customers and customers leaving service, if given the proper access to your systems, our agents can do disconnects and activations.

  • Total Customer Care

    Being there for your customers 24/7 is great, but doing more than just answering the phone is great-er. We can do things like be part of your customer winback strategy, manage relationships through surveys and research, and offer Spanish speakers to those customers who need it.

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The situation

A new development has been built, and your company is one of the providers that is able to provide service to that area. However, you have some competition. You decide to slash your prices to the new homeowners as an incentive to use you, but you can’t keep up with all the incoming phone calls. As a result, your competition is getting all of your overflow.

You're losing business!
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The solution

Instead of giving your competition the upper hand, you outsource your overflow calls to SAS. Our agents are able to answer basic service and pricing questions, provide quotes, and schedule service appointments for new customers. Your callers are able to get on and off the phone quickly without having to wait on hold or leave a message, and are happy they chose you!

Business is booming!
  • Who we serve

    • Cable providers
    • Internet providers
    • Radio broadcasters
    • Computer software
    • Cell phone companies
    • Telephone businesses
    • Broadband companies
    • Satellite TV providers
    • Network service companies
  • Features

    SAS isn’t like most call service companies. We’re your outsource partner that can help you keep current customers happy while helping to acquire new customers. And with years of industry experience, you’d be disconnected if you didn’t give us a try.

    • 24/7 dispatch
    • 300+ operators
    • Inbound and outbound telesales campaigns
    • Spanish speaking agents
    • Third party verification services available
    • Order entry

communication industry solutions


Customer Retention

Customer Retention

Successful businesses rely on customer retention, which is why you can rely on SAS. Allowing your callers to have a live voice to speak to no matter when they call will help increase customer satisfaction, which ultimately leads to customer retention and brand loyalty.

24/7 Outsourcing

Account Management

From assisting callers that need to process past due payments to helping customers schedule appointments, our virtual receptionists can give your callers amazing customer support, 24/7.

Mutli-channel Support

Mutli-channel Support

Whether your customers need help via phone, email or live chat, our dedicated agents are able to assist in more ways than one. Multi-channel supports gives your customers a sense of relief, and it gives your business the upper hand compared to your competition.

Affordable Solutions

Lower Costs

Managing your own call center is expensive. If too much of your revenue is going to maintain your in-house call center, consider outsourcing to SAS. Outsourcing on a large scale, you’ll be poised for significant cost savings, and you’ll be able to pass along those savings to your customers to stay competitive.

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Keeping customers happy is the key to growing your brand.

For telecommunications companies looking to reduce hold times, open up new agent groups without the added in-house expense, or reduce costs to stay competitive – SAS is your answer.

The best companies trust SAS with their brand

  • Bausch + Lomb
  • Fujitec
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Bayada Home Health Care