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Understand Your Marketplace Through Market Research

Call Center Surveys and Market Research Services

Outbound market research and customer surveys is an amazing way to understand your consumers and help you deliver a better product or service. Trial and error is expensive. Let our call center agents help you make informed decisions and gauge adoption before you roll anything out.

  • A dedicated team of market research ninjas.

    Our market research programs and outbound call center surveys are conducted by a team of dedicated agents that you have input in hiring and training. Depending on your needs and timeframe on project completion, we can canvas hundreds of potential respondents each day with multiple agents, or a handful each day with a market research campaign ran by a single call center rep. Whether you’re running supercharged or slow and steady, the goal is the same – to give you a better understanding of your market.

  • A competitive advantage.

    It’s great to know what consumers think before they think it. The problem is, few small businesses have the time to mine this advantage. Most sales teams are busy making sales, not researching what consumers are going to want. With our market research services, we can step in to give you the competitive advantage you need, without the cost. Make better use of your sales team and let SAS help you deliver a better product.

  • We search for research.

    Market research isn’t just for companies rolling out new products. We can help analyze your consumer behavior in different ways like:

    • Follow-up surveys after someone has interacted with your company
    • Using surveys as a retention method
    • Political polls
    • Election campaigns
    • Focus group calling
  • Better data with a 3rd party.

    Having a third party researching or polling on your behalf ensures the data collected will be from an objective view. As your market research partner, SAS can bring speed of assessment and increased accuracy to give you better data to make your decisions.

SAS Call Center

Live interaction is a powerful way to conduct market research. As one of the top call center service companies, SAS can work to put together a team of outbound calling experts who will poll your prospects according to your script and provide the research you need to deliver a better product. You give us the questions and away we go!

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Large And Small Scale Call Center Surveys


  • We can create surveys and call focus groups
  • Help you identify new areas for growth
  • Assist in measuring customer satisfaction
  • Create new opportunities for businesses
  • Ability to ramp up agents for quick campaigns
  • Experience connecting with consumers
  • Outsourcing saves money, time, and resources

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Surveys are powerful. Based on the information our call center can mine from consumers, we can help you develop new products, new services, or refine your current offerings. To learn more about how SAS can help your company, contact us. We’ll learn about your needs and provide a custom proposal.

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