Looking For Pricing?

Affordable outsourcing costs

Call Center Pricing

Aside from quality of service, pricing is the next most important question when you’re deciding on a call center company. SAS offers affordable, flexible pricing plans that can accommodate any sized company. Grow your brand with SAS today!

Scalable rates for any small business

Shared agent pricing



    per month

    $1.39 / min

  • 100 MINUTE


    per month

    $1.29 / min

  • 220 MINUTE


    per month

    $1.29 / min

  • 500 MINUTE


    per month

    $1.19 / min

  • 1000 MINUTE


    per month

    $1.15 / min

  • 2500 MINUTE


    per month

    $1.09 / min

  • 5000 MINUTE


    per month

    $1.09 / min

  • 10000 MINUTE


    per month

    $0.99 / min

  • Calls answered in the shared agent pool
  • 24-hour coverage, 365 days a year
  • Each base rate comes with an allotment of minutes with affordable overage rates
  • The larger the plan, the lower the pricing
  • Toll free and local forwarding numbers available
  • Customized call scripting
  • Can change plans at anytime
  • Bilingual service at no extra cost
  • All calls recorded & available for 60 days
  • All messages available via our online portal
  • Affordable month to month pricing
  • Free access to the SAS iPhone or Android App

Dedicated Customer Service Agents For A True Branded Experience


  • Daily client-driven training
  • Dedicated group of agents handle your calls
  • Ideal for complicated outsourcing requests and large brands
  • Great for high call volumes with steady daily traffic trends
  • Agent hiring input
  • All calls recorded
  • Advanced reporting on any fields you track
  • Toll-free and local numbers available
  • Dedicated team based in the US
  • 90-day minimum agent commitment

Dedicated Telemarketing and Telesales Services



per agent per month
  • Outbound sales, lead generation, and appointment setting
  • Dedicated outbound customer service also available
  • Personalized agent training
  • Great if you’re looking for a particular outbound skill
  • Benchmark evaluation & monitoring
  • Regular management check-ins
  • Agent incentive programs available
  • Utilize for sales, service, or both
  • 90-day minimum agent commitment

Questions & Answers: Everything You Need to Know

  • How does the free trial work?

    Your free trial will continue for two (2) weeks or 200 minutes, whichever comes first. It is not applicable to any dedicated agent or programs from our outbound call center like telemarketing or telesales programs. We want to make sure you are happy with our service, so no credit card information is necessary to begin the trial.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    With our shared agent plans, there is nothing to sign and no contracts. Our call center service is month-to-month. Billing is per minute, that way you can adjust or cancel service at any time. If you choose to cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month plus any overage charges, then you will not be billed again.

    For dedicated agent plans, there is a minimum 3 month (90-day) commitment to whatever agent plan you select.

  • How do I sign up for dedicated agent programs?

    It’s easy. Simply call our sales office at 1-800-208-6177 or contact our call center online and one of our customer service representatives will be in touch.

  • Can I change plans?

    Yes. For our shared agent packages, you can move your plan up and down anytime.

    For our dedicated agent programs, you can add agents at any time, but if you wish to remove agents, please note that you will still be billed for that agent’s time for the entire month.

  • Do you have overseas options?

    At this time we do not offer non-US based call center support. SAS is an American call center with US based agents. While we may employ work at home agents to handle your accounts, all employees, even those at home, are based in the US.

  • What is a dedicated agent?

    Our dedicated customer service or dedicated outbound services involve a group of agents at our call center dedicated to processing your calls only. These agents are exclusively trained by you and are recommended for recognizable brands where continuity of customer service is essential, or for customers with high, predictable call volume.

  • Can we have shared and dedicated agents?

    Yes. If you would prefer traffic to not wait in a queue for your dedicated agents to answer, you can have those calls instead roll over to our shared agent group where the agents will access the same script and protocols as the dedicated agents. Please note that where the dedicated agents will offer a fixed cost, any shared agent usage is billed at various additional monthly minutes.

  • Can outbound agents work on a commission structure?

    No. We do not accept any commission, profit sharing, or pay for performance type of accounts.

  • For dedicated agents, can we create an incentive program?

    Yes! While we don’t do commission based accounts, we encourage customers to implement an incentive program with the agents so we can make sure your KPIs are being met.

  • Does shared agent pricing change based on our needs?

    No. Whatever we handle in the shared agent group, be it technical support or message taking, the cost per minute is the same and depends on the plan you’ve selected.

  • Are there other monthly fees?

    No. There are no other charges on your accounts outside of your monthly base rate plus other optional service fees like patch fees, IVR fees, or fees for any sub accounts.

  • What are my payment options?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. In certain cases, we can also accept other forms of payments like Paypal, ACH, and check. For alternate payments, please contact us at sales@specialtyansweringservice.net.

The best companies trust SAS with their brand

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  • Fujitec
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Bayada Home Health Care