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Call Center for Small Business

For about a dollar a day, small businesses can enjoy 24/7/365 customer service provided by our call center. Since only about 50% of small businesses will make it past 5 years, live customer service is what you need for a competitive advantage. Your small business needs to grow, and we can help with that.

Small business, big ideas.

Specialty Answering Service is the leading small business call center in the nation, helping small businesses thrive since 1985. We want your small business to succeed, and we know live customer service will help. With our friendly, professionally trained operators, around the clock support and advanced call center technology, we have the resources to help your small business stand out above the competition, at a price any small business can afford.

  • We're available 24/7.

    As a small business, it’s cost prohibitive for you to have live, in-house support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most start up small businesses only employ a few staff members, and paying them overtime simply isn’t in the budget. However, outsourcing to SAS gives your bootstrapped business 24 hour call service. We’ll make sure your callers always reach a friendly voice, no matter what time of day.

  • Exceptional customer support.

    At the end of the day, people remember how you treat them above anything else. A business that provides exceptional customer support can stand out among the competition, and can be the reason customers continue to come back. SAS knows how important customer care is, which is why all of our operators are professionally trained to provide the best possible service to your customers.

  • Affordable pricing for any sized budget.

    Money is sometimes the only decision maker for any small business. You need to juggle expenses like marketing, payroll, equipment, and more. For a bootstrapped small business, customer service may seem like it’s second fiddle to sales – but with SAS, customer service is amazingly affordable. Our outsourced call center pricing features multiple plans to choose from and the ability to change plans up or down in any given month. We can find the live support you need at a price you can afford.

  • Software integrations that make your life easier.

    Specialty’s advanced call center technology allows us to integrate systems that you are already working with. Whether you’re using a CRM like Salesforce to manage customer data or Zendesk to handle support tickets, once integrated, our agents can push the data that we’ve collected through to your system of choice. No double entry on your side means more time to devote to other tasks and projects.

  • Maximize your marketing.

    What’s worse than not getting any calls? Spending money on marketing only to miss calls. If you’re spending money to make the phone ring, every call is important to you. When a prospect calls, our call center agents can transfer hot leads to your staff, take messages, schedule appointments on your software, and even help customers make purchases on your own e-commerce website.

  • We know small business.

    We started out as a small business. We’ve answered for thousands of small businesses over the years. We know small business. We know what’s important to you, what’s going to help your company grow, and how to develop a customer service script to make sure you keep growing and stay a customer of SAS for years to come. If you’re a budget conscious small business, you want to partner with a call center business that knows you.

Essential features your small business needs

Inbound and outbound services to
help every small business.

  • Reports at your fingertips.

    Keeping track of trends can help your small business stay on top of it’s game. Via our online portal, you can generate and customize various reports that will give you an idea of your peak times of call volume, what customers are calling in about, and from a marketing perspective, how people have heard about your business.

  • More staff without the added expense.

    Hiring more employees is expensive. And if you’re only missing a few calls after hours, it doesn’t make much sense for you to juggle overtime or staggered staffing to make sure your small business’s phones are covered. With SAS, you can have your calls answered by 300+ operators around the clock for as little as $1/day. We’ve got you covered.

  • Customized scripting.

    Outsourcing your communication doesn’t mean you need to change anything. Each call center script is customized to your unique needs, from the phrase our operators use when they answer the phone to where messages go when we end a call. Your call handling remains a constant no matter if callers are speaking to your staff or ours.

  • Appointment scheduling.

    Imagine a day where you go into work and all of your appointments are already scheduled. You just clock in and blast off. With SAS, that dream is a reality. We can either access your own web based software or we can integrate with Google Calendar to schedule, reschedule, and even cancel appointments on your behalf.

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Customer care doesn’t need to take a back seat. With affordable around the clock live operator solutions, your small business can finally compete on an enterprise scale.

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