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Direct response marketing campaigns put your brand directly on a customer’s radar. Direct response marketing campaigns can broaden your client base and increase revenue; but only if you’re prepared to handle a high call volume 24 hours a day. Collaborating with the right inbound call center is a cost-effective way to support your infomercial or mailer and ensure that everyone who calls gets an answer, and you get a sale.

  • We know about call flow.

    Direct response advertising is the race-car of the marketing industry – you go from 0 to 60 in seconds. The minute your ad airs, you need to be ready to start taking calls. In the direct response industry, call spikes are the norm. Our direct response call center agents are ready to handle spikes from targeted media, monitoring call flow and meeting your needs on the fly. With our agents covering your phones and taking calls 24/7, customer needs are met whenever your ad hits with minimal wait time. Our infrastructure of in house and work at home agents allows us to manage the largest of campaigns.

  • Ask not what your DRTV contact center can do for you.

    You want to get the most out of your DRTV campaigns. We can help. Our inbound agents can boost your retail conversion and order value with up-sell and cross-sell techniques. Want soft sell? We can do that, too. How about knowing that no call will go unanswered? And don’t forget about email and live chat assistance! We can even track the KPIs that are most important to you. How’s that for benefits.

  • Education is paramount.

    Outsourcing to Specialty means you’ll be a part of the onboarding process from start to finish. If you’re working within our dedicated call center program, hire the agents you want and train them the way you want – either in person or via web meetings. For our shared customers, our team of professionals work with you to develop the best script, and keep working with you until it’s perfect.

  • Customizable reports on demand.

    To calculate how successful your marketing is, you need great data. For example, maybe your TV ad was less expensive to run at 3AM, but your sales tanked. Maybe you’re striking gold in one geographic region, but no so much in others. SAS offers on-demand reports that can give you valuable insight. Our online reports give you data like call result, call length, geographic caller location, call traffic, and more. The more you know, the better you can refine your marketing approach so you can reach more potential customers.

  • Always live, even after hours.

    SAS is available to answer calls 24/7, which is absolutely essential for any business advertising on TV, radio, or sending out printed mailers. If you have a broad audience that spans across multiple time zones, you need 24-hour coverage to help capture those leads that may trickle in when you’re fast asleep. So keep catching those z’s while we help capture new business.

  • We'll work with your direct response marketing agency.

    In the immortal words of Ron Popeil, if you don’t want to be involved in the nuts and bolts of outsourcing and just want to “Set It and Forget It”, we can work directly with your direct response marketing agency. We know the right questions to ask to make sure our inbound call center is fully staffed, trained, and ready when the traffic starts to hit.

SAS Call Center

Choosing the right call center service provider is an essential partnership for successful direct response advertising. With the ability to handle extreme spikes in call volume by diverting resources or adding work at home agents to the queue, robust reporting to track your ROI, and professional agents, look no further than SAS.

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  • 24/7 live support at no extra charge
  • No extra charge for weekends and holidays
  • Experience with DRTV, radio advertising response, and direct mail campaign sales
  • Ability to scale up for high call volume clients
  • Customized call handling for brand personalization
  • Increased conversion rates with low hold times
  • Ability to up-sell and cross-sell based on your script
  • Opportunity to train your own agents in our dedicated program
  • US based call center with bilingual options
  • PCI compliant order processing

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