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Dedicated Call Center Services

For luxury brands or ecommerce customer service that requires intense training on a large product catalog or complicated internal procedures before a single call is answered, our dedicated call center service is the perfect fit. With personal training and hiring input coming straight from you, our agents will handle any situation as if they were right there in your office. If you have a steady, high volume of inbound calls, our dedicated call center is the perfect fit.

The closest thing to a dedicated
customer service team.

  • Regular quality assurance reporting.

    We’ll be keeping tabs on agents with regular performance reviews. How? Recording calls and reviewing over 2,000+ a month. Continuously evaluating call flow to identify glitches and make changes before little issues become big problems. That’s what quality assurance means to us. It’s a comprehensive approach, designed to provide the ideal contact center experience on every call.

  • You provide hiring input.

    We want you to be pleased with every aspect of our dedicated call center operations, and that starts with the agents who are answering your calls. You know exactly what you need. So, when we’re hiring or transferring reps to your team, you get to take part in the recruitment process. We’ll target potential employees based on the skills you need, and we will work with you every step of the way to establish the perfect operator pool.

  • On site or video training.

    Our agents are only as good as their training. And depending on your industry, you may have very specific training requirements. That’s why we need you to educate us on your brand and culture. Show us how to be you, hold webinars, or come in for a personal training session. Think of it as corporate cloning.

  • The experience you need.

    Experienced managers and experienced agents. As a top call center provider, we’re well versed in the art of professional customer care. We know that prompt answering and minimal hold times keeps callers happy. We know that adhering to your KPIs and focusing on first call resolution makes our clients happy. Happy callers and a happy you. Seriously awesome.

Dedicated inbound and outbound teams

From inbound customer service to outbound
lead generation, our team is your team.

  • Tier 1 technical support.

    For technical support outsourcing that requires specific training on your hardware or software, you’ll need our dedicated program. You can teach a team of agents about your systems, how they work, and how to fix them when things go wrong. Anything outside of their scope, they can transfer to your Tier 2 or Tier 3 team or schedule a call for a more in-depth look.

  • Outbound lead generation.

    For effective call center appointment setting, the representatives need to know about the product they’re selling. With as little commitment as a single agent over a 3 month span, our dedicated outbound programs start with a call center employee that already knows your product, your prospect’s main points, and what to say to make it past the gatekeepers.

  • Inbound e-commerce.

    If you’re selling more than a few products or your organization has many moving parts, your customer service reps are going to need more guidance than just following a script to field your calls. Train our reps on your product catalog and your buying and return procedures so we can deliver non-conflicting information when we speak to your customers.

  • But wait. There's more!

    Any program we can do in the blended or shared services center, we can do in the dedicated environment. As long as we can access your systems online or your call queue can integrate with our systems, you can bounce your phone traffic over to us and a dedicated agent will handle it just as you would.

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For iconic brands, dedicated customer support is key.

While most companies will benefit from our shared customer service, if you have a well regarded brand or complex customer service procedures, you need a dedicated customer service team.

The best companies trust SAS with their brand

  • Bausch + Lomb
  • Fujitec
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Bayada Home Health Care