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Healthcare Call Center Services

SAS provides HIPAA-compliant healthcare call center services to give you the 24-hour, all-encompassing customer service you need. From hospitals, to doctors, to pharmaceutical companies, partnering with our team can help improve patient experience, improve communication, and increase utilization to reduce cost.

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More than just answering simple phone calls, our operators can run emergency or drug recall hotlines, follow nurse triage guidelines, qualify leads for pharma reps, handle email and live chat applications, and more – and all while maintaining adherence to medical/healthcare industry regulations. Whether you utilize dedicated agents or a shared agent pool, your patients and web clients will always be greeted by a friendly, professional operator, trained to achieve optimal results in every transaction.

  • 24/7 Patient Support

    Being available to your patients is important. Being available to your patients 24/7 is crucial – especially for those urgent after hours calls. Instead of making your patients leave a voicemail for a return call the next day, let them talk to a live voice! Whether you need 24/7 service, seasonal service for open enrollments or busy times, after hours service for a small medical office, or are just using SAS as rollover support to your in-house center, we’ll customize our service to meet your requirements and objectives.

  • Professional Representation

    Since your call center is an extension of your business, it’s important that they maintain the same level of professionalism your patients are used to receiving, otherwise your practice will suffer. Our 300+ operators are all professionally trained and excel in providing amazing customer support to enhance the patient experience. Whether your company is a medical office, government organization, or somewhere in between – live operator support is essential to better patient care.

  • Cost Effective

    Our healthcare call center service is both reliable and affordable. With over 15 pricing packages to choose from in our shared operator pool and dedicated agent programs, and a system that monitors your call volume to ensure you are on the most cost-effective plan, you never have to worry about over-paying for service. Efficiency is key and we’ll work with you to develop a program to help you achieve the ideal utilization of our healthcare call center services to maintain your level of patient care while reducing your costs.

  • Secure Online Portal

    Maintaining your patient’s privacy is of the utmost importance, and with SAS you don’t have to worry. At our secure call center location, we adhere to all HIPAA HITECH regulations. All messages are sent securely, and are stored within your online portal. If you are using an EMR system that our agents need to access, we can integrate our system to your own so there is no double work. We have the technological capabilities to unify our call center service with your healthcare technology.

  • Female or Male Only Distribution

    If you’re an OBGYN, run a women’s health clinic, or run a urology practice, we understand that some topics may be sensitive to talk about. We can setup different queues where your callers are only answered by an all female or all male group depending on your needs. To strengthen customer care, we’ll match your patients with the representatives they feel the most comfortable speaking with.

  • Customized Call Handling

    Deciding to outsource should be an informed decision. If you have your own healthcare call center, you know that it’s customized to your own needs. If you’re using SAS or another provider, you want a partner that’s going to be able to achieve what you can in your own office. While each client we work with is similar, each is also unique. No matter what type of medical or healthcare practice you operate, no two calls will be the same. That’s why we offer flexible scripting software that is able to be customized to your needs. For example, you can screen callers to see if they are a new or existing patient, if it’s urgent or non-urgent, if they have insurance, etc., and then ask for different information depending on why they are calling.

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The situation

You run a small family owned medical practice but have relocated to an area that gets more traffic. Since the move, you’ve been getting more phone calls, but your receptionist is having trouble handling the extra work load. As a result, many people are hanging up when they reach your voicemail, and calling the next medical office in the search engine. Since you’ve been struggling to get new patients, you don’t have enough money in the budget to hire another employee.

You're losing patients!
Driving Towards Success

The solution

You hire SAS to field all of your overflow and after hours calls. With the ability to schedule appointments right on your calendar, the callers that would have normally hung up once they reached voicemail are now scheduled in for new consultations. In addition, since you now have a reliable service answering calls after hours, your current patients are at ease knowing they can get in touch with their doctor in the event of an emergency. As a result, your ratings and business have gone up.

Your practice is growing!
  • Who We Serve

    • Medical practices
    • Physicians
    • OBGYN practices
    • Pediatric practices
    • Dental practices
    • Hospitals
    • Government healthcare organizations
    • Hospice practices
    • Mental health clinics
    • Health insurance providers
    • Pharmacies
    • Home health companies
    • Medical transportation companies
  • Features

    Running a medical practice is no easy task. From staying on your feet all day taking care of patients, to making sure you are following protocol in every scenario and to filling out mountains of paperwork, it’s no wonder medical professionals often look to Specialty’s healthcare call centers for support with:

    • Insurance verification calls
    • Claim submission, management, and claim status calls
    • Inbound or outbound patient care surveys
    • Provider member inquiries about coverage, cost, and benefits
    • Outbound phone calls for medical results testing
    • Medical appointment scheduling and reminders
    • Seasonal and peak inbound support for Medicare Advantage plan open enrollment
    • Plan premium and billing support
    • Physician referral services
    • General information requests
    • Outbound welcome calls
    • HIPAA compliant facilities
    • Member services like activation and plan changes
    • US based healthcare call center

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Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling appointments is a major part of every medical practice, and we can help make your day a bit easier by scheduling appointments for you. We can schedule right on your website, using our own platform, or integrate with a web-based application like Google Calendar. We can even send you appointment reminders and send your patients appointment confirmations!

Emergency Dispatching

Emergency Dispatching

Whether we’re screening for emergencies during business hours or you’re just using us to field urgent calls after hours, our emergency call center services can follow your on-call protocol to make sure your patients are taken care of. Feel free to send us your schedule in advance or update it on the go using your secure online portal.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

SAS is a 100% HIPAA compliant medical call center. That means we will not send any PHI (private health information) to you that is not secured. Any message we send you will just alert you of a new message and provide instruction to log into your online portal (or mobile app if you’re on the go) to retrieve the details. In addition, if we are reaching out for any urgent issue we will not leave patient information on your voicemail.

Experienced Solutions

Experience You Need

We’ve been answering for medical offices and setting up inbound and outbound healthcare call center campaigns since 1985. As technology and regulations have evolved, we’ve evolved with it. Leverage our experience to give your patients quality care with stable monthly costs.

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With live operator support, SAS helps you take patient relationships and medical care to new heights. When you want the best call center company, you want SAS.

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