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Retail Call Center Services

Whether you operate a traditional brick and mortar store, an online retailer, or a combination of the two, exceptional support services have always been and will always be the secret to your success. If you want to build loyal patrons and repeat business, your approach to customer care should be immediate, comprehensive, and courteous. Showering patrons with live customer service makes your brand stand out from competitors and increases profits.

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In the age of online reviews, customers have more control over your brand than you. Outsourcing to our retail call center will increase the chances that when they contact you, they’ll have nothing but positive things to say. With custom scripting, our agents will model the same behaviors as you would if you were responding to customers’ concerns directly. We’ll monitor phones, email, and web chat. We can address product FAQs, billing inquiries, take orders, process returns, and more. We’re fast, thorough, and friendly.

  • Order Processing

    Like most businesses, retail companies rely on customers purchasing their product, and a lot of it. Whether you operator a brick & mortar store or run your business solely online, our operators can assist callers with answering questions, placing orders and processing payments – even if your website is down! We can do everything from entering orders right into your online store to logging customer orders in our system for you to process and fulfill at a later time.

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    Retail companies need around the clock support, especially if your customer base is international. If your support office is only open from 9am-5pm, but have customers across the country or world, you are severely limiting your communication channels. We are one of the few 24 hour customer service outsourcing companies, open 24/7/365 to handle all of your customer service needs. For strictly online stores, as long as someone can access your website, you’re open. You need 24 hour customer service to answer questions and guide customers through the ordering process.

  • Up-selling & Cross-selling

    Up-selling and cross-selling is essential to beefing up purchases. It allows a company to push for more sales by suggesting related products or higher-end products at check out. If up-selling or cross-selling options are built into your e-commerce system, our operators can navigate the checkout process and offer the additional items to callers. If we’re processing retail orders on our side, we can script up-sells and cross-sells as we’re navigating your campaign.

  • Outbound or Email Surveys

    Want to know what your customers are thinking? After every transaction, we can send a call center customer survey to the caller to ask a few simple questions on their experience with your company. The surveys are completely customizable, right down to your brand logo. We can also call customers to find out if they were satisfied with the experience. Just upload a list, provide a script, and we’re off!

  • Returns Processing

    If you’re selling something, expect returns. If there’s an issue with a product, our call center operators can document all of the necessary information and either relay the message or transfer the caller to the correct department to finalize the refund. We can pop right into your existing software, submit RMAs, generate shipping labels, and more. Whatever you can do at your own location, we can do in the call center.

  • Professional Brand Representation

    If you are a small shop selling one or two items, or a large retail giant with a colossal catalog, we will tailor a program to professionally represent your business. If each interaction with your company doesn’t leave customers grinning, people are less likely to shop with you. Our 300+ operators are all professionally trained and will uphold your company’s standards as if they were your own employees.

Secure retail solutions

Create customer loyalty with SAS.

The situation

It’s the holiday season, and you just launched a new catalog. While you have a website where customers can place orders, your business caters to an older audience that is not as comfortable going online. Because of this, your office is getting slammed with phone calls and you can’t keep up with the rising demand.

Your business is suffering!
Driving Towards Success

The solution

You outsource your order taking to SAS who is able to go out to your website and process orders for your customers. With our PCI compliant software and secure call center technology, all of your customer’s data stays safe. Your customers are relieved to have gotten assistance quickly during a stressful time of year.

Business is booming!
  • Who we serve

    • eCommerce companies
    • Catalog retailers
    • Brick & mortar shops
    • Vending machine companies
    • Grocery stores
    • Jewelers
    • Direct media companies
  • Features

    The retail space is competitive. Whatever you’re selling, your customers will have no problem finding the same item somewhere else. What keeps customers happy and loyal is the customer service you provide during the purchase and afterwards. SAS offers the best retail call center services in the industry and we’re proud to represent your brand at every turn:

    • Experienced answering for stores and strictly e-commerce businesses
    • Skilled call center agents provide high touch customer support
    • Customizable retail call center to mimic your own workflow
    • Able to follow cross-selling and up-selling scripts during checkout
    • Handle all customer needs including product information, return status, and billing
    • Secure call center technology allows us to store credit card information for 30 days if necessary
    • Multi-channel customer service includes phone, chat, web, and email

Retail industry solutions


Secure Call Center

PCI Compliant

When you outsource your order taking to SAS, you don’t have to worry about making sure your customer’s information stays protected. Our call center software is 100% PCI compliant and ISO27001 certified. Our agents work in paperless environments, and all data is securely stored within your online portal.

Emergency Dispatching

Outbound Calling

In addition to answering all of your inbound communications, you can take advantage of our lead generation call center services. Whether we’re calling out to your hot leads or following up on market research, our operators can do it all.

Affordable Solutions


Running a business is expensive, so outsourced solutions aren’t always feasible – until now. SAS is the most cost effective call center on the market, offering both per minute and per call pricing levels. With a total of 15 plans to choose from, each broken down into cost effective thresholds, you are sure to find the plan that works best for you.

Webform Integrations

If You're Down, We're Not

Websites go down. If your system crashes or your online web store’s database is updating, that’s no reason to miss potential sales. In the event of an emergency, we can log orders in our system for you to process later. We can even log the customers’ payment data in our PCI compliant web portal for you to retrieve. You won’t even need to call them back!

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In the retail space, great customer service creates brand loyalty.

With so many virtual storefronts to shop at online, great customer service is what’s going to keep customers coming back to yours. Let SAS help you create loyal customers.

The best companies trust SAS with their brand

  • Bausch + Lomb
  • Fujitec
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Bayada Home Health Care