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Stay Connected To Employees and Customers During An Emergency

24 Hour Live Emergency Call Center

Business continuity is essential during any emergency. Whatever your industry, and whatever the emergency, clients and employees need a 24-hour, live connection to your organization. From emergency dispatch services to emergency response hotlines, SAS has the experience you need to keep you connected 24/7. No matter what the universe throws at you, we’ll be here to answer your calls.

Available 24/7 to make sure Mother Nature
isn’t controlling your business hours.

Do you have a plan for when the power goes out? Hurricane evacuations? How about for long term outages like the days or weeks following nasty storms? As long as your calls can be diverted, our emergency call center can make sure you’re always up, even when other local businesses are down.

How does the emergency call center service work?

Our call center is staffed 24/7/365 and inbound call center agents are available whenever you need them. In most cases where customers use SAS as their emergency call center solution, we’re solely answering calls in the event of an emergency. Scripts are programmed during the on-boarding process and refined through emergency preparedness drills you may run on your side. If and when calls are forwarded to us during a true emergency, we know exactly how to handle them.

Forwarding your calls to SAS

When you are unable to answer your own calls, just route your calls to our call center. If a monstrous storm is predicted to hit, forward your calls to SAS the night before the storm. For disasters that hit with little or no warning, like a fire or a flood, forward your calls to SAS as soon as you know your office won’t be opening.

Posting the SAS number as an emergency contact

If you aren’t confident you’ll be able to forward your calls to us in the event of an emergency, you can publish your SAS forwarding number as a possible contact number on your voicemail, website, or social media pages to call in case of emergency.

How can SAS help during an emergency?

Our goal for your business during any emergency is that lines of communication remain open. If your company operates locally, you’ll be available to your local clients if they need your services. If your company operates nationally, your out of area customers won’t see any disruption in service because of your local conditions.

How quickly can SAS be activated?

If a natural disaster is on the horizon and you have no continuity plan in place, activating an SAS account is easy. Our team can have your account programmed and active in a few hours. For simple scripts, we can usually have you provisioned in about 15 minutes. When you need help fast, we’ve got your back.

How much is the call center service?

Our inbound call center pricing is charged by the minute, and our emergency call services are no different. For customers using SAS as a “we hope we never need to use it” option, we have an Economy Plan at a very low monthly base rate to keep the line and the number active. For customers who use SAS as their inbound call center, adding an emergency path to your existing script doesn’t cost any extra. All of our plans are based on your call volume.

  • On-demand software: Update your on-call on the go.

    During an emergency, you’ll have a lot to worry about – and making sure the correct staff is on-call shouldn’t be one of them. With a user friendly interface and on-demand web based software, updating your on-call schedule has never been easier. You can add your staff members, set your call out protocol, create groups for easy input, customize your schedule with colors, plus so much more! When emergencies hit, it’s reassuring to know you can be active and have your dispatching service properly organized within seconds.

  • Texting, calling & emailing - oh my: Program multiple contact methods

    In an emergency, messages are dispatched along whichever lines work for you. When most people think of “reaching an on-call” they think of an actual phone call. While that can be true, SAS understands that not everyone is accessible via phone call all of the time, which is why our on-call procedure can also be customized. Besides live phone calls, our inbound call center agents can send emails, texts, and transfer calls. And if you think you won’t be available to respond immediately, all communication is logged and available in our mobile app and web portal.

  • Can you hear me now: Scheduling in advance and real time.

    While your on-call protocol can be easily updated in real time, in the event of a disaster, there may be key employees that are designated as on-call personnel. Those schedules can be set in advance so you don’t have to worry about scheduling when time is of the essence. Our system lets you schedule up to a year out! Simply send our support team your schedule or hop onto our online portal to upload it yourself. Updates are made in real time so our operators will always be able to use the most current protocol.

  • Service that never sleeps: We're always ready to respond.

    Disasters will seldom give you warning, and emergencies can happen when you least expect it. When you partner with SAS as your emergency response call center, we can quickly scale up to minimize hold times during unexpected spikes in call volume. If a quick moving storm is crippling an entire region, an ill-equipped national call center will feel the strain. We won’t. We can leverage our network of in house and at home call center agents to pick up the slack.

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