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Shared Call Center Services

A shared agent pool is the perfect customer care solution for your small to mid-sized business. In a shared model, call center agents have the same skillset and receive the same training. The difference is, they’re answering for other companies besides yours. Combining phone, email and live chat, you’ll have a team of professionals assisting you with overflow,  seasonal support, after-hours support services, holiday coverage, high volume media campaigns, and more. Top quality service at a price you can afford. It’s a no-brainer.

Let SAS share the love.

From the smallest small businesses to the largest corporations, Specialty Answering Service has helped thousands of companies grow their brand. Our operator pool of 300+ call center agents professionally answer calls for a variety of businesses. Using a script driven environment, a single agent can effectively represent hundreds of different brands throughout the day. And with thousands of companies that need call center services, there is no business SAS can’t help.

  • No long term contracts.

    Unlike our dedicated call center model, there are no contracts or commitments required under our shared agent model. We offer a month to month subscription service that can be cancelled or activated at any time, which is perfect for seasonal businesses like landscapers, tax prep companies, non profit organizations that air annual telethons and fundraisers, or even online shops that need eCommerce customer service outsourcing for extra help during Black Friday through Christmas. In addition, your protocols stay saved in our system so when you do need to reactivate service, you won’t have to provide your information all over again.

  • Affordable pricing options.

    Between both of our per call and per minute call center pricing methods with over 15 pricing plans to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect plan for any sized budget. Whether your business is just starting out or you’re used to getting hundreds of phone calls a month, all of our plans are broken down into cost effective thresholds so you don’t have to worry about over paying for service.

  • Lots of agents means little holds.

    Our inbound call center employs over 300 professionally trained operators, which means your callers will never have to wait long to speak to someone. With 24/7 phone coverage, your customers can rest easy knowing their issues are being heard and addressed in a timely fashion – even on weekends and holidays. Ditch your voicemail and opt for a live voice instead!

  • Integrating with your software.

    With our call center software platform, we’re able to integrate with many popular enterprise software products like Salesforce and Zendesk, and web based systems like Google Calendar. Even with our shared operator pool, you have access to the SAS portal and on-demand access to activate different integrations. Just sit back and we’ll send call data right into the software you’re already using every day!

Do more with less money

Outsourcing to our shared operator group
gives you 24/7 access to hundreds of agents.

  • Increase office productivity.

    Outsourcing gives you and your staff more time to focus on tasks and projects that have fallen by the wayside. The more time you have to devote to your work, the better results you’ll get!

  • Decrease added expenses.

    Hiring more staff is expensive. Each employee means more equipment, more salary expenses, and less space in your office. Outsourcing to SAS keeps that money you would have spent elsewhere in your budget.

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