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Make your ex-customers love you again

Customer Winback Services

Your old customers want to hear from you again. Every business loses customers at one point or another. If your own inside sales team can’t keep up with contacting lost customers, we can. We’ll call through your customer list and get them interested in your product or service again.

  • Enhance your marketing strategy.

    If your marketing team is only targeting new customers or engaging in loyalty campaigns with existing customers, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Losing customers is a normal part of doing business, and those lost customers are an often overlooked marketing opportunity.  Many times, these customers just need to be reminded they need you, or they just need a fresh look at your business. With our outbound call center campaigns, we can remind them why they loved you in the first place, and transfer hot leads to your own inside sales team to close.

  • Unsatisfied customers need love too.

    If a customer was unsatisfied with your company for whatever reason and left, it may be time for a fresh look at your company. If they left you for a competitor only to find out they are in a worse position now than they were with you, they’ll welcome the contact. And for those customers who may be happy with their current solution, an outbound call from your dedicated team at SAS will remind them that if their current provider drops the ball, you’ll be there to help!

  • Large or small "we want you back" campaigns.

    Contracting with SAS means accessing a large B2B call center to make your customer winback calls. For small businesses looking to call through old accounts, you can hire as little as 1 call center agent to manage your outbound dialing. For larger customers engaging in multi-state customer loyalty campaigns, we can hire and train a large group of agents to call through the old account list you provide.

  • Transfers and appointment setting.

    Each outbound call center campaign we create is unique to the business we’re working with. For customer winback services, our campaigns are usually based on one of two goals – transferring the calls to your inside sales team immediately or scheduling an appointment for a phone call at a later date. Our agents can do either to get lost customers back into the fold.

SAS Call Center

If you’re not marketing to your lost customers, you’re not doing everything you can to grow your business. SAS can help your inside sales team work to contact your lost customers, turn old customers into new leads, and set appointments.

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  • Your own dedicated group of telemarketers calling your accounts
  • Hot transfers and appointment setting
  • Experience coordinating B2B outbound campaigns
  • Work with your inside sales team
  • Give your old customers a fresh look at your current offerings
  • Able to make hundreds or thousands of calls depending on your needs
  • Get lost customers reengaged with your company

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Losing customers is inevitable. Even the best companies in the world lose customers from time to time. However, you don’t need to leave it up to chance for those customers to reengage with your company. If you’d like to explore our outbound winback campaigns, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us and we’ll reach back out to give you the lowdown on our outbound solutions and how we can help your brand.

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