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SAS is a US based company with call center services delivered from our American call center location. While many businesses may choose to outsource to overseas call centers to help cut costs, their customer service can suffer. We offer affordable call center solutions that give your business that local presence your customers know and enjoy.

Born and raised in the USA.

Outsourcing doesn’t mean sending your calls to an offshore call center. Specialty Answering Service is a US based, home grown business that was founded in 1985 right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For US clients looking for American call solutions, or overseas clients looking for a US based call center, we’re ready to represent your business! We treat our customers like family, and will treat yours the same way.

  • US based agents.

    Language barriers can hurt your brand. When customers can’t understand the agents who are helping them, they can become frustrated. And when agents can’t understand your customers, botched messages come through which may affect your upstream troubleshooting. Our American call center agents speak your customers language and transmit messages accurately.

  • Competitive, affordable pricing.

    Outsourcing to overseas call centers is no doubt a cheaper alternative to US based customer service. However, your high value clients need a higher level of customer service. So how much does it cost to hire a call center? SAS offers competitive, affordable pricing starting at just $34/month for our blended call center, and low per-agent fees for our dedicated plans.

  • You're local. Stay local.

    If you’re a US based company, using a domestic call center is ideal for maintaining continuity across your brand. For better outsourcing, you should be thinking ‘I need a call center near me.’ When customers call, they’ll feel like they’re talking to a real representative from your headquarters. Partner with a call center from the same country your company is based.

  • The cultural difference of US based support.

    While having a great product or service is crucial in maintaining a successful business, nothing beats excellent customer service. When the support representative lives and works in the same country as you, there are subtle cultural differences that make for an amazing experience – like small talk about what’s hot on Netflix or chatting about the weather.

Connect with customers on their turf

Benefits of domestic call center support.

  • Availability for training.

    If you’re employing SAS via our dedicated agent program, visiting our call center to hold training classes is a no-passport-required endeavor. You can coordinate initial training programs and hold training classes at regular intervals without being handcuffed by travel nightmares.

  • Align with an American audience.

    If you have an overseas, Asian, or European brand and are looking to better connect with the US culture, hiring an American based center like SAS is a great way to do just that. For product questions or nudges through the sales cycle, familiarity breeds confidence.

  • We speak your language.

    Even the best overseas centers won’t be able to compete with the mannerisms and dialect of US based agents. When we speak with your customers, we’re creating a real connection that will show in how your customers perceive your brand.

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Engage with your customers, solve problems, and build lasting connections.

As an American call center, we understand that each interaction isn’t just about solving a problem or completing a sale, it’s about making a connection. That’s what our US based agents can do for your brand. We create loyal followers.

The best companies trust SAS with their brand

  • Bausch + Lomb
  • Fujitec
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Bayada Home Health Care