Customer Service as 100 People Infographic

As a business owner, you’re probably bombarded with standard customer service advice that you feel compelled to follow without any real evidence:

  • You need to be on Instagram
  • Customer service should be handled 24/7
  • You should survey your customers regularly

While it’s one thing to follow blind advice, it’s even better to have facts to back them up. For example, Microsoft’s 2017 Customer Service Report found that 78% of consumers have a more favorable view of brands that ask for and accept customer feedback – a nod to the importance of surveying your clients. Additionally, they found that 59% of customers had stopped doing business with a brand  because of a poor customer service experience – a nod to the importance of 24 hour customer service. These statistics help paint a clearer picture of what goes into creating the best customer experience, and allows you to make an informed decision about if your business needs to change course, or if it’s not worth the investment.

We highlighted some of the more important statistics from the report into an infographic. Keep reading to learn which channels customers are using to reach out and how often, if social media is that big of an influence on consumers and what customers actually think about their experiences.

Customer Service as 100 People

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