Do More With Less: 5 Secrets to The Best Call Center Outsourcing

Having a call center company do it’s job in the background without any checks or balances is the holy grail of outsourcing. With the number of things a small business owner needs to do throughout the course of the day (like making payroll, doing bank reconciliations, managing PPC campaigns, and closing sales to name a few), the last thing you need is another part of your business to babysit. We’ve posted our 5 best insider secrets below to make sure your call center service is working as autonomously as possible.

Squeeze more efficiency from a shorter script

Believe it or not, the simpler the script, the better the outsourcing experience! It’s true. The less moving parts, the less opportunity there is for things to go awry. Pretty obvious, right? However, despite this basic principle of great design, customers will spend a lot of time making their scripts overly complicated. Most customers are guilty of it. You overthink the interaction, try to arm the call center operators with as much information as possible, and end up creating interactions that are longer than they need to be and with both parties, the caller and the operator, left pretty confused.

It’s hard to convince every customer that simpler is better. With total customization available in every script we help develop, customers inevitably want to match their own office protocols with the protocols the call center will be using. Unless you are working with a dedicated agent, that’s not always going to be the best idea. Over the course of building hundreds of thousands of call center campaigns, we’ve developed 5 secrets to creating the best, most efficient outsourcing experience imaginable. We can help you get more from your call center, and make sure your relationship with whomever you’re using to answer your calls is a long and fruitful one.

Following are a few ideas about how to make sure your call center outsourcing provider doesn’t need babysitting.

1. Try to transfer first, then take a message.

There’s no doubt that the best people to talk to your customers is you and your staff. That is why we always recommend having your call center agents attempt to transfer those important phone calls to you first, and if no one is available, then take a message.

Call centers are not only great at being available when you’re not, they’re also widely used in tandem with many offices as a call screening service. Usually busy employees don’t have time to take each and every phone call that comes in, but they also don’t want to miss potential new sales or call backs from important clients. Your call center can handle all new calls that come in, decide which is important and which is not, and transfer accordingly. For example, a new caller asking simple questions about your business hours or pricing may not need to be transferred, but a new client looking to sign up for service would be.

2. Technology eliminates data entry as part of your day.

Crunching data into your system is almost as boring and time consuming as replying to emails all day. However, when you partner with a tech savvy call center like SAS, mindless data entry can be a thing of the past.

Through various software integrations like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Pipedrive, any information our call center agents take can automatically push through to your CRM system via a simple configuration, taking the need to do double the work out of the equation. Just imagine what you could get accomplished with all of the extra time you’ll have on your hands!

3. A portal is essential so you don’t need to call with easy changes.

An easily accessible, user-friendly portal makes the outsourcing experience infinitely better. Not only can customers log on and access their messages whenever and wherever they want, but it may also allow users to make scripting updates and on-call changes on the fly, without having to reach out to customer support.

If a call center is really up on their game, their online portal may even include other fun and interactive features like downloadable reports, software integrations, and the ability to rate calls. Additionally, when your call center also offers a free mobile app that allows you to access your portal remotely, you know you’ve hit the ultimate outsourcing jackpot.

4. Hi. We’re the call center.

Okay, so you may not want your call center to be this straightforward when answering your calls, but we find that it always makes for a better interaction when you allow your call center to be upfront with your callers about who they’re speaking with. A more suitable greeting could be: “Hello and thank you for calling, you’ve reached the call center for ABC Plumbing. How may I help you today?”

When your callers are made aware exactly who they’re speaking to upfront, their expectations won’t be as high and they won’t be as upset when the call center rep can’t actually give them everything they’re looking for. Sure, operators can answer basic questions, schedule appointments and take messages, but they won’t be able to provide your callers with advice or answer questions that are out of their realm of knowledge.

Food for thought: Having your call center reps tell customers they are the receptionist is a good way to lose trust in your customers and make them upset!

5. Provide realistic return call time estimates.

Whether you’re using a call center or not, you always want to provide realistic time estimates of when your customers’ calls will be returned. If you are using a call center, you can usually have this type of verbiage programmed in.

If your call return time is always 24 hours, you can have your operators relay that to your customers. However, some call centers like SAS may even allow you to program in custom messages depending on the day or time. For example, if a call comes in after hours you can have your operators tell your callers that their call will be returned when the office re-opens. If the call comes in during business hours, you can have  your operators tell your callers their call will be returned in a few hours, or whatever it may be. Giving your customers a realistic and straightforward time frame of when they should be receiving a call back will allow them to plan their day out accordingly and can help avoid any unpleasant interactions.



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