22 of the Best and Worst Fictional Places to Have a Call Center

Every day millions of people wake up, make coffee, and go to work –   all the while imagining how life would be different if they won the lottery or if they lived at the beach. But what if life wasn’t so boring? What if you lived and worked in a true fantasy world and every day was different? What if your co-workers were unicorns or elves? What if your daily grind was filled with things beyond your wildest imagination?

Here at SAS we put “what if” to the test, and imagined which fictional worlds would make the best – or worst – locations to have a call center.

We’ve listed fictional towns and worlds so fantastic, you’d wish your call center was located there. On the other extreme, you’ll find some of the worst places to have a call center – worlds you’d be glad they are fictional.

From the snowy hills of the North Pole to the war-torn cities of Westeros, which world do you think would rank among the rest? Begin your journey to find the best call center location by clicking the image below or clicking here:

Best & Worst Call Center Locations

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