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While starting a call center in a picture perfect fairy-tale location would be ideal, reality is more complicated. Business owners have to scout real locations, contemplate multiple factors like cost of living and corporate tax rates, and decide which area(s) would make the perfect call center location. For starters, the best state to open a call center would be one that has moderate weather, a low competition labor market, low cost of living, bilingual employees, and economic incentives like low corporate tax rates – all of this so your callers won’t be left hanging.

Additionally, a call center entrepreneur would also need to consider a slew of other factors like current and future minimum wage, wage inflation rates, and even less considered factors like if the call center would be easily accessible via roadways, buses, and trains. Want more challenges? How about evaluating other call centers in the area that may look more attractive than yours, or quality of life factors like good educational systems and affordable housing so your employees aren’t always looking to move? Because there are so many factors that play into a successful call center, many centers are not able to keep up with the competition simply because of where they are located. In short, choosing the best location for your call center is a huge consideration. But instead of opening up your own call center, why not try ours:

Best (And Worst) Locations To Start A Call Center

Ever wondered what it’d be like to visit Narnia? Hogwarts? If you’re like us, you’ve also wondered what it would be like to start a call center there. Scroll down to see our favorite fictional places, and whether or not they’d make a good location to start a call center.

Disney World Call Center
Disney World Call Center

#1. Disney World

An Amazing Place For A Call Center

Known as the happiest place on Earth, Disney World would be the best location for a call center. While Disney World is a real place, it encompasses various characters and kingdoms from all the best fictional worlds.

  • Mickey Mouse


    Oh boy! Who wouldn’t want Mickey Mouse answering their phones? He’s the face – and voice – of all things magical. Just ask Minnie!

  • Donald Duck


    While he’s a bit hard to understand, Donald Duck is a comedian at heart and would cheer up any disgruntled customer. Just don’t expect him to follow  your dress code.

North Pole Call Center

#2. The North Pole

An Amazing Place For A Call Center

The North Pole is a great place to start a call center because it’s where Santa’s workshop is! It may be a bit cold and snowy, but all of the elves are already adjusted to the weather, which means you don’t have to worry about anyone calling out. Elves also make great workers and we’re pretty sure you can pay them in candy canes and gum drops instead of actual money.

  • Santa Claus

    Santa Claus

    Always jolly and kind, Santa knows how to please everyone.

  • Mrs. Claus

    Mrs. Claus

    Santa might be the star of the show, but Mrs. Claus keeps the everything running. She’d be the perfect call center manager.

  • Santa's Elf


    They’re fast, efficient, and always happy. Plus, there’s a million of them so you’ll always be staffed accordingly.

The Shire Call Center
The Shire Call Center

#3. The Shire

An Amazing Place For A Call Center

Located in the quiet, rolling hills of Arnor, The Shire is a perfect call center site selection. Separated from all the drama of Middle Earth, you’d be able to run your call center in peace under the protection of The Rangers of the North.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins

    Older and wiser than some of the other hobbits, Bilbo would be a great supervisor to oversee your customer service representatives and lend a helping hand whenever needed.

  • Frodo Baggins

    Frodo Baggins

    Nephew of Bilbo and best friend to Samwise, Frodo is another exceptional hobbit you’d want working in your call center. Both dedicated to his job and kind, he would make a wonderful call center representative.

  • Samwise Gamgee

    Samwise Gamgee

    Ever the loyal and devoted friend, Samwise would make an excellent customer service rep and would stick with the company forever. Literally. Hobbits live forever.

Whoville Call Center
Whoville Call Center

#4. Whoville

A Great Place For A Call Center

Every Who down in Whoville would welcome your call center with open arms. As long as you stay off of Mt. Crumpit, you won’t encounter a single sour soul. And, since Whos love Christmas, your call center will be the go-to choice for holiday eCommerce outsourcing!

  • Cindy Lou Who

    Cindy Lou Who

    As the only Who who believed in the Grinch, Cindy Lou Who would be a great team motivator when spirits are low.

  • Lou Lou Who

    Lou Lou Who

    A hard worker, Lou Lou Who would be a solid addition to your call center, especially if he’s helping to answer calls around the holidays.

Pleasantville Call Center
Pleasantville Call Center

#5. Pleasantville

A Great Place For A Call Center

The answer is in the name! Pleasantville is the quintessential location to run your call center. Located in the heart of town among hardworking men and women, you can’t find a more pleasant call center location than Pleasantville.

  • Bud Parker

    Bud Parker

    When Bud (AKA David) is in Pleasantville, the towns people rely on him for answers when things start changing. He’s a quiet, kind, kid and would make an exceptional CSR.

  • Mary Sue Parker

    Mary Sue Parker

    While Mary Sue (AKA Jennifer) had a less than stellar attitude to start, she was able to get her priorities straight and focus on what was important, which is why she would be a great addition to your call center.

Hogwarts Call Center
Hogwarts Call Center

#6. Hogwarts

A Great Place For A Call Center

A place full of magic and wonder, Hogwarts would be a great place to start a call center. Any issue you run into could easily be solved with a flick of the wand or a quick spell. Plus, your staff could always pick up a game of Quidditch on their lunch break to help boost company morale.

  • Albus Dumbledore

    Albus Dumbledore

    A sensible old wizard, Dumbledore would know how to deescalate any situation and his wisdom would rock any helpdesk line.

  • Harry Potter

    Harry Potter

    While Harry suffered a bit throughout in his life, he still maintains a positive attitude, which is exactly what you’d need as a call center representative. He is able to leave his baggage at the door, and fulfill the duties before him.

  • Hermoine Granger

    Hermoine Granger

    Both smart and capable, Hermoine is a quick study. She’d definitely be eager to prove herself, making her an excellent addition to your staff.

  • Ron Weasley

    Ron Weasley

    A bit quirky, Ron just wants to be with his friends. While he may not get everything right the first time, he’s determined to work at his craft until he succeeds.

Neverland Call Center
Neverland Call Center

#7. Neverland

A Good Place For A Call Center

Neverland is an island far away, inhabited by many mystical creatures. It is known as a place where its residents never grow up, which is great for your business as you’ll never have to pay for a retirement fund or lose your employees to old age!  However, some of your employees may be a little immature because of how young they are.

  • Peter Pan

    Peter Pan

    A bit mischievous and careless, Peter may not be the most reliable employee. However, when he sets his mind to it, there is nothing that he can’t do.

  • Wendy Darling

    Wendy Darling

    Although still a girl herself, Wendy is very responsible and is able to watch over her two younger brothers in Neverland. Wendy is sweet, accountable, and would make an exceptional call center representative.

Cybertron Call Center
Cybertron Call Center

#8. Cybertron

A Good Place For A Call Center

Looking for the best place to level up your call center technology? Look no further than Cyberton, home of the Transformers. Cybertron is a planet known for stellar tech and bad-ass robots that talk, but your customers may prefer live human voices over robots.

  • Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime

    The leader of the autobots, Optimus Prime is known for his loyalty and his desire for a peaceful relationship with humans. He’d be a great CSR!

  • Bumblebee


    Although he sometimes gets himself into sticky situations, Bumblebee is a hardworking and reliable messenger who will be sure to get you your messages accurately and on-time, all the time. Just make sure his voice is working.

Cloud City Call Center
Cloud City Call Center

#9. Cloud City

A Good Place For A Call Center

Presiding as a sanctuary for those trying to seek refuge from the chaos gripping the galaxy, Cloud City is a small, peaceful floating metropolis that would make a great call center location. You shouldn’t have any problems connecting to iCloud, but your employees may have trouble getting to work if they’re from out of town.

  • Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker became one of the greatest Jedi and fights for the good guys. He’s wise, kind, and can use his Jedi skills to fix any customer problem.

  • C-3PO


    A humanoid robot, C-3PO is fluent in over 6 million forms of communication, allowing him to speak to anyone – or anything. C-3PO alone can bridge the gap between your customer’s businesses and potential clients!

Narnia Call Center
Narnia Call Center

#10. Narnia

An Okay Place For A Call Center

While the White Witch froze Narnia to eternal winter, it’s a beautiful landscape filled with many mythical beasts and talking animals who are well adapted to the climate. Narnia would make an okay call center location just as long as you stay under the good graces of the local government.

  • Aslan


    Also known as the king of Narnia, Aslan would be a great mentor for any new employees and would do well overseeing everyone as a call center manager.

  • Mr. Tumnus

    Mr. Tumnus

    A gentle character, Mr. Tumnus would make an ideal customer service representative. He may even entertain your customers with a little flute playing!

Emerald City Call Center
Emerald City Call Center

#11. Emerald City

An Okay Place For A Call Center

Located at the end of the yellow brick road, the Emerald City in the heart of Oz is full of color, but may lack actual substance. Emerald City would make an okay location for a call center, just stay clear of the flying monkeys.

  • Wizard of Oz

    Wizard of Oz

    While many believe he is a powerful wizard; Oz is no more than an ordinary man who uses magic tricks to make himself seem great and powerful. However, as long as your callers can’t see through the curtain, they’ll be happy their issues are being heard.

  • Dorothy Gale

    Dorothy Gale

    A sweet, good-natured girl, Dorothy would make an exceptional CSR at your call center. She’s helpful, pleasant, but also knows when to stand up for herself. If she can teach a cowardly lion how to have courage, she can help your customers with any issue!

Sunnydale Call Center
Sunnydale Call Center

#12. Sunnydale

An Okay Place For A Call Center

While the town of Sunnydale seems like a fine place to run a call center, it also houses the portal to an alternate universe where mystical creatures like vampires can enter through. Sure, there’s Buffy the vampire slayer, but even she can’t protect everyone. Enter at your own risk!

  • Spike


    Ever the trickster, Spike is a vampire that probably cares more about your customer’s blood types than their issues.

  • Buffy Summers

    Buffy Summers

    While Buffy is a good character fighting for her fellow humans, she’s so busy slaying vampires that she’d probably miss a couple shifts and leave your callers hanging.

Gotham Call Center
Gotham Call Center

#13. Gotham

A Bad Place For A Call Center

Riddled with crime, Gotham would be a bad location to have a call center. While it’s mostly protected by Batman, there are many villains lurking in the shadows, waiting to disrupt the peace at any given moment.

  • Batman


    While Batman would definitely help protect your call center, he’d be way too busy fighting off villains to help answer phones and schedule appointments for your callers.

  • Joker


    A raging maniac, you won’t want the Joker to be anywhere near you or your call center. While his true target is Batman, many businesses may suffer the consequences simply for being in his way.

  • Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy only wants to be alone with her plants. While she’d definitely be a good office botanist, she won’t much care for helping customers resolve issues.

Chocolate Factory Call Center
Chocolate Factory Call Center

#14. Chocolate Factory

A Bad Place For A Call Center

From the outside, Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory looks like a magical place to visit, but it’s actually a labyrinth that’s almost impossible to escape. Just ask Mike TeaVee or Augustus Gloop! Plus, all the free candy would distract your employees. The Chocolate Factory is definitely a bad call center location.

  • Willy Wonka

    Willy Wonka

    Outside of being a world-renowned candy maker, Willy Wonka is a bit of a trickster. While he may mean good, he’s got a quirky way of going about it, and your customers may feel like they’re getting the run around.

  • Oompa Loompa

    Oompa Loompas

    Imagine having a problem with your cable box, calling a help line, only to have someone singing to you about how technically inept you are. Yeah, Oompa Loompas would make pretty shoddy call center reps.

Castle Rock Call Center
Castle Rock Call Center

#15. Castle Rock

A Bad Place For A Call Center

Castle Rock, Maine has been the location for many unusual occurrences throughout time. From rabid, killer dogs to haunted houses, you’ll want to keep your call center far away from this little town.

  • Ruth Deaver

    Ruth Deaver

    Poor Ruth has had a traumatic past and suffers from dementia, causing her to be a bit dangerous. It’d be best to keep her far away from your customers – and your employees!

  • The Kid

    The Kid

    For starters, the Kid barely speaks, so he would not make a good call center operator. Also, he’s real creepy and would probably scare away your customers. Plus, he’s the devil, so there’s that.

Wonderland Call Center
Wonderland Call Center

#16. Wonderland

An Awful Place For A Call Center

While Wonderland sounds like it’d be a great place to visit, it would be an awful place for a call center. Your employees would never be able to get anything done, and your callers would be left confused.

  • Queen of Hearts

    Queen of Hearts

    The Queen of Hearts is very mean and would not make a good customer service representative at all. Also, she’s got a huge head so good luck finding a headset that fits her!

  • Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter

    He’s insane and speaks in riddles which is confusing. His tea parties are off the chain, though.

  • Cheshire Cat

    Cheshire Cat

    The Cheshire cat is silly but sneaky and always disappears when you need him the most. Hello hold times.

Mordor Call Center
Mordor Call Center

#17. Mordor

An Awful Place For A Call Center

Unlike the Shire, Mordor is not a peaceful place to live, let alone operate a call center. Located in the center of 3 mountain ranges, it’s all but cut off from the rest of Middle Earth, making it difficult to reach. Unless you’re employing Orcs, your call center employees won’t be making it to work. Ever.

  • Saruman


    A power hungry wizard, Saruman would try to take over your business before helping any of your customers.

  • Uruk


    Without any inclination to think or act on their own, Orcs follow the command of Saruman and Saruman only. They also speak their own language making it very difficult for them to communicate with your customers! Can you repeat that?

The Capitol Call Center
The Capitol Call Center

#18. The Capitol

An Awful Place For A Call Center

Home of the annual Hunger Games, The Capitol is located in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by a ruthless dictator. In order to have your call center located there, you’d have to offer up your first born child and pay a boatload of taxes.

  • President Snow

    President Snow

    A tyrannical ruler, President Snow doesn’t care about your customers. Although, he may want to see them all fight to the death on live TV.

  • Effie Trinket

    Effie Trinket

    She’s not a bad person, but she’s way too self-absorbed to care about what your customers are saying. Unless they’re talking about her, you can bet she’s not listening.

The Island Call Center
The Island Call Center

#19. The Island

An Awful Place For A Call Center

Don’t let the beautiful sandy beaches of The Island fool you. This place is a black hole which means your customers are going to have a hard time connecting with your call center, and you’re going to have a hard time running a successful business. The Island is a “no” from us!

  • Hurley


    While Hurley would make a great CSR back home, he’d probably be too preoccupied with trying to get off the island to answer calls.

  • Benjamin Linus

    Benjamin Linus

    A first class manipulator, Benjamin Linus knows how to get what he wants. While he’d make for a great, albeit slimy salesman, his promises of zero hold times would come up empty handed.

  • Smoke Monster

    Smoke Monster

    Mysterious and quite intimidating, the smoke monster is not who you want answering your phones. For starters, it doesn’t have hands or a mouth, and secondly, it’s a murderous rage of black smoke.

The Upside Down Call Center
The Upside Down Call Center

#20. The Upside Down

The Worst Place For A Call Center

The Upside Down is one of the worst locations to have a call center. First of all, you’d be in an alternate universe where everything is dark and gray, which would totally kill the office vibe. Secondly, you’d need to spend extra money on air purifiers and lastly, you’d probably be hunted by the Demagorgon.

  • Demogorgon


    The demon prince that rules the upside down, Demagorgon would not make a good CSR – he’d eat all your employees!

Isla Nublar Call Center
Isla Nublar Call Center

#21. Isla Nublar

The Worst Place For A Call Center

Flying over the island of Isla Nublar is a beautiful sight. Lush foliage, waterfalls, and isolated beaches that give off the impression of a wonderful vacation spot. Having virtually no competition sounds like a great place to start your own business, right? Wrong. Isla Nublar is picturesque from above, but an absolute death trap from below. Connecting to wifi will be the least of your problems when you’re on the run from Indominus Rex.

  • T-rex


    The granddaddy of all beasts, you’d be wise to stay clear of the T-rex. His sheer size is enough to make any grown man cry. Plus, it will eat your employees.

  • Raptors


    What they lack in size, they make up for in speed and numbers. If you see a raptor, know that there are others on the prowl. And don’t even think twice about trying to outrun one of these bad boys. Plus, it will eat your employees.

  • Dennis Nedry

    Dennis Nedry

    While he’s not a man-eating dinosaur, Dennis Nedry is still a slimy villain and would be sure to destroy your call center dreams without even blinking an eye. If your phones go down, you’re done for.

Westeros Call Center
Westeros Call Center

#22. Westeros

The Worst Place For A Call Center

From the raging war, to the dragons and White Walkers, Westeros is the worst place for a call center. Also, modern day technology didn’t exist so all messages would have to be sent via Raven, which means it could be days before you find out that Timothy from the next town over needs his roof repaired.

  • Cersei Lannister

    Cersei Lannister

    Manipulative, conniving and just plain mean, Cersei is the complete opposite of who you want answering your calls, or ravens.

  • The Night King

    The Night King

    Pretty much as close to a zombie as you can get, you don’t want to be anywhere near the Night King or his army of white walkers. He’d basically hang up on your callers.

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